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Use "gedit" edit files on a remote server which doesn't support GUI

[Author: Dingyu]   [Wed, 2016-03-09, 19:17]   [741 views]


Use "gedit" edit files on a remote server which doesn't support GUI:
ssh -C -Y username@serverhostname gedit /path/of/the/file
-C      Requests compression of all data (including stdin, stdout,
        stderr, and data for forwarded X11 and TCP/IP connections).  The
        compression al ... see full article

Good Articles about Caching with Rails

[Author: Dingyu]   [Sun, 2016-03-06, 01:56]   [694 views]

Ruby on Rails

http://edgeapi.rubyonrails.o ... see full article

ActiveRecord Concurrency in Rails4: Avoid leaked connections

[Author: Dingyu]   [Wed, 2016-01-27, 14:31]   [982 views]

Ruby on Rails

Good references for this topic:
http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11248808/con ... see full article

Git Abort With Error: Filename Too Long

[Author: Dingyu]   [Thu, 2015-10-01, 13:13]   [1126 views]


This problem may only happen in Windows. Details please see this Stack Overflow Solution.
1. Update to Git 1.9 (or later)
2. Launch Git Bash
3. Get to your Git repository which 'suffers' of long paths issue
4. Enable long paths support with command: git config core.longpaths true ... see full article

A Lightweight JavaScript Modularization Library That Works Great With Rails Assets Pipeline

[Author: Dingyu]   [Fri, 2015-07-10, 10:08]   [1027 views]


modulejs: https://larsjung.de/modulejs/
It is a lightweight library for modularizing JavaScript code. It works so great with Rails Assets Pipeline. It might be a good substitution for "RequireJS" if you wish to keep using Rails Assets Pipeline. ... see full article

Online Diff Checker

[Author: Dingyu]   [Wed, 2015-07-08, 17:18]   [1237 views]


Online Diff Checker: https://www.diffchecker.com/ ... see full article

Good Articles for Barcode

[Author: Dingyu]   [Tue, 2015-07-07, 21:17]   [1066 views]


1. Types of Barcodes: Choosing the right barcode: EAN, UPC, Code128, ITF-14 or Code39? ... see full article

Setting up an SSL secured Webserver with CentOS

[Author: Dingyu]   [Sat, 2015-07-04, 16:57]   [1088 views]


Setting up an SSL secured Webserver with CentOS
http://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/Https ... see full article

Good Article About Secure User Authentication

[Author: Dingyu]   [Sat, 2015-07-04, 15:49]   [1096 views]


https://paragonie.com/blog/2015/04/secure-authentication-php-with-long-term-persistence ... see full article

Enable cross domain in Chrome

[Author: Dingyu]   [Tue, 2015-06-30, 21:50]   [995 views]


1. Close all opened Chrome windows
2. Open a terminal and get into the directory for "chrome.exe"
3. chrome.exe --disable-web-security ... see full article
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